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Public speaking is my passion, profession, and hobby.

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For over nine years, I’ve worked with one-on-one clients and also taught classes and workshops everywhere from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Charity Water, Business Insider, Ernst & Young, HBO, Columbia University, New York University, etc.  I’ve helped private clients from large corporations, nonprofits and small businesses work on everything from business pitches to commencement speeches to TED Talks.

Let me help you: 


  • Craft and refine your message

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking

  • Work on a delivery that has impact

  • Teach you techniques to engage and manage your audience

I first met Olive at a workshop my company hosted. By the end of the day,  I felt like I was on top of the world and could go out and accomplish anything. She's an incredible human being and educator who genuinely cares about helping others achieve the "impossible."

"Olive worked with me to prepare for my TEDx talk. She is unbelievably patient and empathetic and her enthusiasm and positive attitude are highly contagious."

“Olive exceeded my expectations. She was passionate, engaging, and very professional. Her energy and natural ability to manage the group made every session quite enjoyable. Most importantly, I think her genuine interest in helping us improve was what made this learning experience so special. I would strongly recommend Olive.

“I contact Olive whenever I have a large presentation at work. She’s my secret weapon.”


Genuinely Cares

Exceeded Expectations

My Secret Weapon

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