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Hi, I'm olive!

I’m an author, speaker, and communication coach. 


Up until three weeks ago, I had one goal in life:


To become a Break Dancer. 

Unfortunately, three hours ago, my ego got the best of me. I injured myself while attempting to do a handstand. Why did I think I could to that? I don't do handstands. After a sloppy dismount, my dreams were shattered.  

So it was time to turn to my other love, words. 

I use them to write things, like my first comedic book, Unintentionally Celibate, and my second book, The Coitus Chronicles.

I use them to motivate people and make them feel things, like when I give speeches or perform spoken word.  


I use them to encourage and empower my clients when I’m teaching public speaking classes or helping them refine their business pitch or TED talk. 

 I guess you could say words are my art. 

stay sexy,